Our Values

Value Chain


Gavesar Mobiliario works to optimize and recreate our value chain. It means, if the "classic value chain" symbolizes maximize value creation reducing the costs, what we are looking for today is "value proposition" where we design and develop commercial proposals in order to reply our customer demand in the most optimal way, ensuring, at the same time, the high quality of products or services.


Gavesar Mobiliario not only expects immediate profits but we commit especially to build our customer loyalty, offering an appropriate relation between quality, design, customer service and price.



Gavesar Mobiliario is strongly committed to protecting the environment. We are convinced that care and improve our natural resources and planet is our fundamental duty. This is why, together with our suppliers, we follow a very strict procurement plan and waste management.


For this reason we invite our customers realize that we only have one planet with limited resources and we must enjoy it ourselves and with our children.

Innovation y Tradition


We are part of a company created in 1970. During almost five decades we have been adapting and adjusting to market needs. Following that, adaptation and innovation has become our motto but always respecting the quality and honesty learned from our predecessors.